Portfolio Companies


Aidmics develops and sells a smart sperm quality analytics system that can detect the sperm density, mobility and morphology in 30 seconds.  The technology has been successfully applied to animal husbandry market to improve the quality and effectiveness of artificial insemination.  

Bandwidth10 has developed a new Singlemode, 1060nm Tunable VCSEL using innovative  High-Contrast Grating (HCG) VCSEL technology developed by the founders while at the University of California, Berkeley. The HCG is a single layer, ultra-thin grating made of a high index material with a sub-wavelength period, which exhibits a much broader reflection band than conventional Distributed Bragg Reflectors.

Calcula Technologies 
Calcula Technologies is developing a medical device for kidney stone removal.  Their stone extractor provides a way to extract small to mid sized stones without requiring fragmentation.  The everting balloon shields tissue from the sharp edges of the stones.

Ciel Medical (Acquired by Vyaire)
Ciel Medical is developing medical devices for patients on ventilation.  Their Sherpa Suction Guide allows for on-demand suction to prevent aspiration, the main cause of ventilator associated pneumonia.  Their second device, the NEMO Gauge, can reduce the need for time consuming portable x-ray procedures to determine the position of endotracheal tubes.

CytoSite BioPharma
CytoSite develops an innovative Granzyme B imaging probe that can be used to predict the response to immunotherapy at a very early time in a non-invasive fashion after starting immunotherapy.  This provides patients and oncologists with more information about response at earlier time points, allowing for more options to be explored in the case of immunotherapy failure. 

The Sniper Catheter is a very agile balloon microcatheter which allows it to maneuver tortuous arteries and take advantage of Low Pressure Embolization.

Empirical Spine
Empirical Spine has a spinal implant to help treat degenerative spondylolithesis.  It provides stability for patients undergoing decompression surgery, while the spring like component still offers flexibility.

Endosee (Acquired by Cooper Surgical)
Endosee developed a portable, handheld, cordless hysteroscope for direct visualization in any setting.  The low cost, reusable screen combined with a disposable catheter solves any re-sterilization problems.

Eureka Theraputics
Eureka has a proprietary fully Human Antibody development platform. Eureka was the first to design and demonstrate the efficacy of human antibody targeting an intra-cellular cancer antigen (WT-1) for cancer immunotherapy. Eureka currently focuses on T-cell based therapeutics for major solid tumors including liver, lung, prostate, and HPV-associated cancers.

Flat Medical
Flat Medical develops EpiFaith, the world's first auto locating epidural syringe which eliminates the risks of epidural injection with a fail-proof mechanism and a clear, visualized, real-time objective signal. 

Flux develops innovative tools for crafting, design and prototyping.  The Flux 3D printer was the #10 most funded hardware project on KickStarter and raised over $1.6 million from backers all over the world.  In 2016, the Flux Delta printer was recognized by IF Gold Award, Red Dot Design Award and CES Innovation Award.


GaussToys develops innovative magnetic-based tools and sensors that integrate physical toys with digital games.

H3 Platform
H3 Platform is set to revolutionize the architecture for data center.  Through innovations in low-latency PCIe switching fabrics and comprehensive management software, H3 Platform provides the key enabler for composable systems where resources such as CPU and memory, NVMe storage, GPU cards, FPGA accelerators and network interfaces can be dynamically allocated and integrated.

HPL focuses on high power LED design and  has successfully developed and patented all-metal high power LED package and module technology solutions. HPL’s product-mix includes LED Lighting, Specialty UV, IR Lighting and Plant-Growth Lighting. In the UV LED area, HPL has become the No. 1 UV solution provider in the Greater China region.

Innovein's implant acts as a valve replacement in the femoral vein.  Replacing a failing or failed valve helps prevent advanced vein disease from ever developing, but also reverses any associated conditions.

Leader Biotechnology
Leader Biotechnology is a world leading expert on mariculture.  With its proprietary technology, Leader Biotechnology achieved high density indoors breeding of grouper fish fry from eggs to fingerlings, with yields 200% higher than traditional fry farming technologies.

Materna Medical
Materna is developing a medical device that reduces the incidence of childbirth-related injuries to women during vaginal delivery. Materna’s device acts as a constant pressure dilator to expand the vagina before child delivery to prevent injuries that have been traditionally accepted as inevitable results of childbirth.

PicSee is a website URL management service that helps web site owners, community managers and YouTubers to optimize the presentation of their links in social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Medium, Skype, among others.  PicSee's service also provides the capability to manage, measure and track the performance and usage statistics of the URLs under management.

Rasilient makes high performance storage and servers for video surveillance.  Their solutions use proprietary firmware and software technologies to achieve video streaming up to 8 times the performance of general purpose storage products while significantly reducing drive failure rate. 

Renovo Catheter is a dual balloon catheter which allows for very targeted chemo treatment.  The localization of the treatment allows for more of the drugs to take effect while simultaneously reducing side effects.

Robo Webtech
Robo Webtech is the #1 P2P lending platform in Taiwan.  Founded by experienced professionals from banking and IT industry, Robo Webtech is aiming to become the prominent online Internet finance platform in the developing Asia market.  

Safe Medical Design
Safe Medical Design is developing a Foley catheter with additional safety features while at the same time maintaining the cost and usage of foleys currently on the market.  This allows hospitals to reduce the number of catheter associated injuries and the resulting non-reimbursed costs associated with them.


StimWave develops and sell wirelessly powered, injectable, microtechnology neurostimulators for both spinal cord as well as peripheral nerve stimulation, providing patients with a convenient, safe, minimally invasive, opioid free and highly cost-effective pain management solution that is easily incorporated into their daily lives.

Strategy Companion
Strategy Companion is a business intelligence software developer focused on delivering the best analytics solution, Analyzer, to the market. It’s ANALYZER™ SaaS, provides access to Analyzer™ as a web-based service allowing users to use Analyzer™ on a subscription basis.

Third Pole
Third Pole is developing a portable Nitric Oxide generator which enables treatment of a wide variety of heart and lung conditions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) is very effective when followed, but cost and geography make the therapy very impractical for everyone.  Tiatros brings all the benefits of CBT to a platform which can be accessed by patients whenever they want, wherever they want.

VM Discovery
VM Discovery is a drug design and discovery company. It offers drug design and optimization services for clients to identify multi-property optimized drug candidates. It also provides internally optimized drug candidates both in collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the United States and Asia. 


VSense develops VSensor, a revolutionary handheld diagnostics device based on disposable semi-conductor biosensor chips. Designed for accuracy, quality and repeatability, VSensor provides lab quality results at point of care within minutes.